Early Reflections, The Game Season Premiere (Music)
Early Reflections
The Game Season Premiere (Music)

I liked the music choices for the show’s premiere tonight. The music supervisor always seems to pick fresh music that complements the show’s scenes. I seen a couple of people take issue with the recurrence of Kanye West’s sample of Bon Iver’s “Woods” song in tonight’s episode. The only other example I can think of at this moment is the movie Bad Boys ll where Nelly, P. Diddy, and Murphy Lee ‘s song “Shake Ya Tailfeather” was played in all of the cut sequences. I’m exaggerating a little but you get the point. I can still hear one of my friends making fun of the placement of the song in that  movie. He said Will Smith was eating cereal in a slow motion sequence with “Shake Ya Tailfeather” as background music. Anyways, I’m a little jealous and selfish because I feel some my original music would have fit perfectly in some of those scenes. Well, it’s nobody fault but mine. I have work to do—a lot of work to do.